CBC Ceramics,  a professional supplier of alumina ceramics since 2005.                                                                               

CBC Ceramics is a leading  company in the design , manufacture and marketing of alumina ceramics. 

In business for over 10 years and with many clients in cooperation, CBC has a deep knowledge of alumina balls, alumina ceramic linings for wear protection and inert ceramic balls (catalyst support media), and the experience to deliver product and solutions with unparalleled levels of reliability and quality in time.

Based on our quality personnel, R&D and ISO9001、ISO14001、GB/T28001 certified production facilities, CBC has been exporting alumina ceramics , ceramic components and inert ceramic balls to South America, Euro, south-east Asia, south Asia, Australia and Middle east, enjoying high reputation.

CBC’s advantage is consistent quality and reliable lead time, we are trying to do better.

Thank you again for visiting CBC Ceramics and discovering the advantages of our alumina ceramics.


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